Honey bee populations in the SA Murray Mallee face pressure due to recent fires which destroyed local floral resources. This, coupled with colony collapse disorder, affects agriculture and biodiversity as many cultivated and native plants rely on bees for pollination. Many cultivated and native plants rely on bees for pollination. Research focusing on honey bee health has shown several factors can impact colony condition and therefore effect important pollination services that are essential to agriculture. 


Bee Friendly Farms is a local project that brings together farmers and bee keepers to work together for a healthier mallee.  

A regional forum will build awareness of bee decline and production and environmental impacts. The forum will offer achievable on farm solutions to support seasonal floral resources for honey bees. The forum will attract attendees from the apiculture sector, researchers, managers of agri-environment enterprises, landholders, producers and those interested in food security and protection of the natural resource base.

A Bee Friendly Farm Honey Bee / Farm Network will be established to link farmers with bee keepers and raise awareness about the mutual benefits of taking bee friendly actions on farms.

An educational resource will be produced and a winter floral resource (Banksia) demonstration site established and promoted at a field day.


The Honey Bee / Farm Network helps beekeepers and farmers work together for the mutual benefits that bees bring.If you are a beekeeper looking for a floral resource for your bees then this is where you can connect with farmers who have flowering plants to share in return for the benefits of pollination of the crop/native scrub.If you are a farmer looking for pollination of your crop/pasture for increased yield then this is where you can connect with beekeepers looking for flowering plants on which to keep their bees.Right now we have an urgent call from beekeepers looking for flowering scrub or crops to place their bees on. If you would like the benefits of the bees on your crop/scrub please sign up now.


This project is supported by the Murray Mallee Local Action Planning Association, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.