Feral goats trapped in Murray Sunset National Park (Photo credit; Parks Victoria)

New Goat Management Strategy – Information about the new strategic action plan for feral goat and landholder involvement

A new strategic action plan for feral goat management on public land in North West Victoria is nearing completion. The plan is a key component of the larger Total Grazing Management Plan for Mallee parks, which aims to restore...

The first European settlers to Australia brought with them dairy goats while subsequent introductions of various breeds used for meat and fibre have also occurred. Multiple escapes, abandonments and deliberate releases of all of these breeds have given rise to what we now know as the feral goat Capra hircus. While the feral goat is derived recently from mixed domestic origins, their earlier, wild ancestry is from the arid Midd...

Photo: Ecologist Matthew Humphrey checks a

camera in Bakara Conservation Park.

Photo credit: Matthew Turner

South Australia has begun a considerable contribution to the Malleefowl Adaptive Management Experiment. DEWNR Ecologists from the SAMDB NRM Region recognised the value of the experiment, not only for its stated objectives but also the value of the camera trapping survey design associated with Malleefowl mound monitoring g...

June 24, 2017

MMLAP Funding Update

Connecting Communities Grants
Funding through Natural Resources SAMDB

Project 1: Community action in landscape scale NRM
This project will help us support community groups and individuals to participate in activities that restore habitat for threatened species. Activities will include citizen science programs, workshops, on ground works and monitoring.
Project 2: Community monitoring for regional biodivers...

June 16, 2017

One of the barriers we face in habitat restoration is sourcing sufficient quantities of native seed for direct seeding projects. Over the last 5 years the MMLAP has been working to build a healthy supply on native seeds for large-scale revegetation works. Our Mallee Seeds Project (Supporting native seed production for Biodiverse plantings in the SA Murray Mallee) has allowed the MMLAP to establish three seed production areas i...

May 12, 2017

Data and Mapping Tools

Online resources to help land managers.

Data and mapping websites can be useful tools to assist land managers. These resources can help farmers make informed management decisions. If you haven’t yet explored the array of sites available take a look at the ones listed here and see how they can help you.
EnviroData: Offers a gateway to data and information that relates to science and monitoring in environ...

27 grids were monitored this season (586 mounds) on DEWNR reserves, private properties and Commonwealth land. This included 7 grids monitored by BirdLife Australia volunteers on Gluepot Reserve, 4 grids monitored by Australian Landscape Trust (ALT) volunteers on Taylorville Station and 3 grids monitored by ALT staff on Calperum Station. 40 active mounds were recorded, down from 44  last season, although an extra 96 mounds (inc...

It’s not often someone contacts us to offer a trip to the other side of the country to look at cool stuff. Matter of fact I can’t remember that happening before, but I sure hope it happens again, especially if it’s organised and run by MMLAP. A fully escorted trip and an interesting and enjoyable few days. All we had to do was come along and all the rest was sorted for us. Thank you!!

Gary and I joined farmers from the Mallee d...

March 24, 2017


MMLAP has been involved with the release of the Korean strain of Calici virus (RHDV1 K5) near Bakara Well. As a broad scale release site MMLAP staff and landholders have conducted pre and post release rabbit spotlighting surveys and blow fly sampling as well as bait laynig and submitting rabbit samples for testing. The MMLAP can confirm we have had a positive result with a leg bone sample confirming the presence of the virus...

December 20, 2016

Forty five neighbours are working for the same outcome: to increase expand and reconnect core habitat areas in the Murray Mallee which support nationally threatened bird species (Malleefowl, Mallee Emu-wren, Red-lored Whistler, Regent Parrot, Western Whipbird).

These landholders whose properties all neighbour each other, are participating in the Billiatt to Sunset Linkage project and they are helping to control foxes, rabbits a...

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