Community Conservation Cams

A citizen science project for National Science Week 2017

Community Conservation Cams is an citizen science forum where community members can share or view wildlife images taken from motion sensing cameras.  Forum users and visitors are invited to participate in discussions on the photos and videos. 

To share an image or video simply create an account and upload in the appropriate category (malleefowl, other native bird, native mammal, native reptile, introduced species or undentified). Please feel free to write a little bit about the image such as when and where it was captured and why the site is being monitored.

Tip: Images and videos will upload quicker if using Google Chrome

The forum welcomes contributions from wildlife citizen scientists everywhere.

Please use the "love heart" icon to vote for your favourite image or video - The most popular upload will win a camera.

If you would like to get involved in Citizen Science in the South Australian Murray Darling Basin, check out these links.

This National Science Week project is supported by the Australian Government

This project is supported by the SA Murray- Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme and the NRM levies.