Germination Research Helps Get Triodia in the Ground

We are happy to say that through germination research and careful propagation done by the team at the Seed Conservation Centre and Botanic Gardens, we have been able to successfully germinate and grow and plant Triodia sp. seedlings at two restoration sites in the Northern Murray Mallee and one revegetation site at Sandalwood.

Triodia propagation attempts have previously had low success rates but the work done through this project on researching germination factors for Triodia and other recalcitrant species will assist future revegetation efforts and help us to make best use of the seed we have.

90% fill Triodia seed fill (left), viable seed (left), non-viable seed (right)

a) Germinating seeds of Triodia scariosa in the laboratory; b) Triodia seedlings emerging in seed raising mix; c) young seedlings after transfer to tube stock pots; d) detail of seedling

The seedlings were planted into revegetation/restoration sites that aim to restore habitat for declining mallee bird species and reduce fragmentation of priority vegetation communities.

Funding was provided for this project by the Native Vegetation Council and the Australian Government. This collaborative project involves MMLAP, Greening Australia, the Seed Conservation Centre and Botanic Gardens, Murray Bridge Community Nursery and DEWNR.

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