Students Help Get Trees In The Ground

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Some of the most enthusiastic people that help us with on ground works are school students. They are eager to get their hands dirty and love learning about the natural environment.

In May this year we were lucky enough to be joined by children from Lameroo Primary school who helped plant a range of trees and shrubs on a local property. Around 4o students attended the planting day which will not only create habitat for local bird species but will also help stabilise sandy soils.

After the trees were planted, carefully watered and guarded, the students sat down to learn about the native bats that live in the region. They were excited to hear about the different species and what can be done to create suitable nesting sites for bats at home and school.

MMLAP was happy to receive great posters from all the kids showing what they had learnt from the experience and demonstrating their passion for the environment - here are a few of our favourites.


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