Pasture Cropping Field Tour - NSW

MMMLAP landholders who recently attended the National Seed Science Forum in NSW were also fortunate enough to visit Colin Seis at his farm “Winona” near Gulgong 300km west of Sydney. Colin practices pasture cropping – a land management tool where annual crops are sown into perennial pasture at a time when the perennial species is dormant or have been grazed or managed to a point where it will not compete with the annual crop. This management technique has provided numerous benefits at Winona including improved soil condition, increased pasture and grazing capabilities, high crop yields as well as biodiversity outcomes.

Colin has a wealth of knowledge and his property has been the focus of numerous case studies and research projects. He regularly presents at workshops and conferences in Australia and around the word. Make sure you get along to see him if the opportunity presents. For further information about Colin and his management techniques visit his web site http://www.pasturecropping.com/pasture-cropping

This project is supported through funding from the Australian Government

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