Technology helping citizen scientists and land managers.

Smart phone apps and online tools are allowing community members to contribute to important citizen science programs that assist with natural resource management planning.

Recently, 60 members of the Pinnaroo community attended a workshop to learn about the new smart phone app Frog spotter. Frog spotter is a free app that allows users to upload recordings of frog calls in their area. These recordings are then reviewed by a panel of experts to identify the frog species present. The presence (or absence) of frogs can tell us a lot about the health of the environment. Data gathered via the app is sent to Biological Database of South Australia and the Atlas of Living Australia and will help with natural resource management planning. If you would like to contribute data, down load the app and get spotting.


There are several other apps and online resources that allow community members to participate in community monitoring or help with land management decisions. Take a look at some of the ones we have been using.

Turtle sat

An online community mapping tool where users can enter data on freshwater turtle activity including live sightings, nests and other evidence of turtles. Data is used by land managers to implement safeguards to help with species survival



Feral scan s a smart phone app where you can help map feral animals and their destructive behaviour. There are several unique apps that are species specific including rabbits, foxes, cats, wild dogs, goats, feral fish and more


Environmental weeds Australia

Environmental Weeds of Australia is a smart phone app which includes the full identification key and weed fact sheets, of over 1000 environmental weeds.


SAMDB monitoring data portal

The SAMDB monitoring portal is an online resource where community members can record nature observations. Currently the portal collects data on birds and bats but there are plans to include more taxa in the near future.


Community Surface Water Quality Monitoring

The Community Surface Water Quality Monitoring is the new incarnation of water watch. This online database allows the community to contribute to the monitoring of waterways in the region. loan equipment and training in monitoring methods is provided .


Smartphone Apps for Smart Farmers v2

This website details hundreds of smart phone apps for farmers and land managers. The site gives detailed information on each app including size and cost.


If you want to find out about further citizen science opportunities contact Sylvia Clark -

Project Officer, Community Monitoring/Citizen Science Cnr Mann and Walker Streets, Mount Barker SA 5251 08 8391 7500 sylvia.clarke@sa.gov.au

Students from Pinnaroo recently participated in a workshop to learn how to use the frogspotter app.

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