Keeping up with the neighbours

Forty five neighbours are working for the same outcome: to increase expand and reconnect core habitat areas in the Murray Mallee which support nationally threatened bird species (Malleefowl, Mallee Emu-wren, Red-lored Whistler, Regent Parrot, Western Whipbird).

These landholders whose properties all neighbour each other, are participating in the Billiatt to Sunset Linkage project and they are helping to control foxes, rabbits and priority invasive plants across of high value bushland and agricultural land. They are also participating in a huge revegetation program that aims to get 800ha of priority habitat established by June 2017.

As part of the project, landholders get together on tours of sites and share their experiences. Recently a Sandalwood tour was held with 13 neighbouring landholders who are actively involved in the project. It’s a fantastic opportunity to celebrate achievements and learn from each other. Its also a great social event.

The project finishes in June 2017 and we are looking for more revegetation sites to establish in winter. Seed collection is happening now and we are keen to hear from those interested in having revegetation established in 2017. This is a great opportunity to be a part of a large scale project that is contributing to threatened bird conservation. Keen? Contact Mick Durant MDurant@greeningaustralia.org.au to find out if your property is within the project area.

The Billiatt to Sunset Linkage Project is funded by the Australian Government and is a partnership between Greening Australia and the Murray Mallee Local Action Planning Association.

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