MMLAP Funding Update

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

MMLAP Funding Update Connecting Communities Grants Funding through Natural Resources SAMDB

Project 1: Community action in landscape scale NRM This project will help us support community groups and individuals to participate in activities that restore habitat for threatened species. Activities will include citizen science programs, workshops, on ground works and monitoring. Project 2: Community monitoring for regional biodiversity outcomes This project will provide support to groups to continue monitoring programs and to develop skills in new technology and surveying that can improve data management. The project will also provide training and support to participants new to monitoring programs.

Native Seed Production Funding through Natural Resources SAMDB

This grant will fund the collection of seeds and cuttings from native vegetation for propagation of seedlings that will be included in a seed production area. The focus will be on species that are difficult to collect from in the wild or have low seed viability. This aim is to create a reliable source of valuable seed to add diversity and increase biodiversity in future revegetation projects.

Volunteer Grant

Funding through Department of Social Services

A small grant was obtained to purchase tools for volunteer use. This project was funded through Department of Social Services volunteer grant program. Tools that assist with weed control and wetland maintenance will help volunteers maintain biodiverse sites.

NRM Agricultural Knowledge Grant.

Funding through Natural Resources SAMDB We were successful in our application to host a field day with Dick Richardson. Dick Richardson is a holistic management educator specialising in grazing methods that improve soil health while increasing production and biodiversity value. This field day will provide practical training in regenerative farming methods in low rainfall regions.

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