Data and Mapping Tools

Data and Mapping Tools

Online resources to help land managers.

Data and mapping websites can be useful tools to assist land managers. These resources can help farmers make informed management decisions. If you haven’t yet explored the array of sites available take a look at the ones listed here and see how they can help you. EnviroData: Offers a gateway to data and information that relates to science and monitoring in environment and Natural Resource Management across South Australia. Users can access a wide range of information in many areas including land, water, plants & animals, climate and more. DataSA: A South Australian Government data directory. Users can access or request data sets in a wide range of areas. Mapfinder: A website with a search engine that allows users to find available products from the DEWNR mapping and aerial photography library that are available to the general public to purchase. AgInsight: offers data relating to specific agricultural industries such as such as horticulture, cropping, livestock, forestry and more. WaterConnect: Connects community members and industry to South Australian water information. Fire Management Maps (DEWNR): An interactive mapping site supporting Fire Management planning. ASRIS:Provides users with access to soil and land resources Other online resources and smartphone apps. There are several other apps and online resources that allow community members to participate in community monitoring or help with land management decisions. Take a look at some of the ones we have been using here

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