Regenerative Farming Experts Helping Mallee Farmers to Manage Drought

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Two programs run by the MMLAP have brought regenerative agriculture experts to the SA Murray Mallee to help them manage the drought conditions.

On the 30th April we were very fortunate to have Colin Seis visit to undertake a pasture cropping workshop for interested landholders and community members. This workshop has provided those who attended with real strategies for our local land, plants and soil in such dry conditions. We are excited to hear more about what the attendees are able to achieve on their own properties in utilising Colin's strategies and advice. Attendees at the workshop agreed this was a really important start for them to not only learn from Colin but also to build their support network in the brave move to change their farm management techniques. Our Regenerative Farms Mentor Project members have also been fortunate to attend multiple mentor workshops with Colin over the past few months and most recently with David Marsh who presented along with Colin at the last workshop held in June. Both Colin and David are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Regenerative Farming and we encourage those interested to find out more online about these two gurus!.

The Mentor Project has allowed an intimate group of 10 farms to share their struggles and successes in an environment where they are supported to learn and grow. The group of farmers received individual feedback to incorporate regenerative farming techniques including pasture cropping and regenerative grazing on their farms.

A sheep grazier found that after the workshop with David and Colin, he could make a small change to his grazing management, and this meant he could keep the numbers in his mob and make it through the year ahead. A relief and a weight off his mind!

The opportunities for learning in the area of regenerative farming are proving to have huge impacts here in the mallee. We encourage everyone to learn wherever you can.

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